Tips On Superyacht Charter Etiquette


Superyacht  charter holidays are a luxurious and private way to escape your normal daily life, though often a different if not mysterious way of life.

Holidaying on a superyacht yacht is different than a vacation in a hotel, some differences are points of etiquette, others are more practical.

If you’ve never chartered a yacht or a superyacht before, this advice on yacht charter etiquette tips will make sure enjoy your time on board and  make you look like an old hand at it.

Try to use “soft luggage” if you can help it.

luggageBefore you even get on board you’ll want to pack! What to take? How much room is there to stow clothes? What to wear and not to wear?

Space on board is often limited especially if the yacht is a smaller motor boat or a sailing yacht. Use collapsible or folding luggage that can be easily stowed.

But don’t worry with Jack Tars knowledge of the vessels we have for charter we can advise you of  how much you can stow away and suitable clothing you will need.


Footwear on board the yacht.

High heels are not welcome, in fact most footwear isn’t! If you are wondering which shoes you’ll wear while you’re lazing about on board? Well, you  probably won’t be wearing anyhigh heels shoes on board at all.

Shoes and trainers dirty, scuff and damage the expensive teak decking and plush carpets so most yacht Captains have some sort of “bare foot” rule.  The crew will normally provide a basket at the end of the gangway or a convenient spot for you to deposit shoes. If you don’t want to go barefoot, the best advice is pack a pair of soft-soled “boat shoes” or wear the fluffy white slippers that some yachts will provide. Of course you can still pack your high heels and favorite street shoes for when you go ashore; you just can’t step on board wearing them.

Give advance notice of dining plans  and specialist diets.

If you’re inviting company for dinner or want to throw a glamorous party, give the chef and chief stewardess as much notice as possible so that they can prepare in time and go ashore for more supplies if necessary.

Specialist diets are usually no problem, but advanced information of guest needs for food or drink will help the chef and ensure you are not disappointed. This is especially important if the yacht will be operating away from major centres for provisioning and supplies.

Also, if you’re having fun ashore and decide not to come back to the yacht for the next meal, then it’s nice to give the captain a call so the chef doesn’t waste the food. These courtesies aren’t only good manners, they’re practical — they can save you money as you will get billed for the food the chef buys and cooks on your behalf, regardless of whether you eat it.

Crew quarters are private.

This is the crew’s private space. Due to the busy 24-hour schedule of yacht crew, someone will almost always be sleeping in the cabins, and crew won’t be in uniform or ready to entertain guests. Some yacht captains will allow you a quick tour of the crew accommodations if you’re interested, but this space is generally off-limits unless a senior crew member invites you in.

Legal points and paper work

Which ports and countries will you be visiting is important with regard to passports, visas and regulations for entry, length of stay and clearance. Luxury yachts cross international boarders even when at sea and the paper work has to be right.

Do not think that once the crew throw off the last line you can engage in certain illegal recreational activities. This is not the case. If the activity is illegal, the crew simply cannot allow it to continue on board, otherwise the yacht can be seized by the authorities and the captain risks losing his license.

And remember, what is legal in some national waters is not in another countries waters

Babysitting is not part of the crew service.

Many first-time charterers think that the crew will act as child-carers while the parents and friends enjoy themselves or go ashore. The crew will not have time in their schedule to act as babysitters and will not take responsibility for your children.

They will be there to teach and oversee your childrens water sports activities and serve meals to them if the adults want a later/grown-ups dinner. If you feel there will be times when you cannot devote all your attention to the childrens needs
then a nanny may be an option. Larger yachts sometimes have extra staff accommodation for this or may have dedicated nursery rooms for child and nanny.

Read more on children on yachts with the Jack Tar Tips On Superyacht Charter With The Kids In Mind

Marine toilet systems.

The waste systems on yachts work a different way to land based toilets and are designed to be environmentally friendly. This means they are very delicate will become clogged if anything is flushed down them other than toilet paper. There will usually be reminders posted in the cabin heads.

Tell a crew member if you’re planning a swim or leaving the yacht.

swimming-8Generally, crew will keep an eye on guests, but if you don’t see anyone around when you’re about to launch off the swim platform for your pre-breakfast swim, please go and find someone and let them know your plans. Super yachts are very safe, but only because the crew make them so. Your crew will be aware of ocean currents, weather warnings, jellyfish alerts, and busy shipping channels that you may not know about.

The crew also will have been briefed on the security situation ashore, such as whether there are pickpockets about or if certain areas are safe after dark, so please use their knowledge to ensure that you have a fabulous and safe trip. If you are in a foreign country, test your phone service before going ashore or you can inquire with the captain about local SIM cards and/or mobile phones available for guest use.

Smoking on board

Smoking in your cabin and in social spaces is almost universally banned as a courtesy to the next guests and more importantly for safety. Smoking on outside decks is usually permitted, but not always, pick a downwind spot on the yacht where the smoke blows away from others.

Heavy make-up and sun tan cream.

Avoid a bill on leaving the charter yacht because the pillowcases have been ruined by your day-long, waterproof makeup. Many yachts will include a darker makeup washcloth in the stateroom baths in order to avoid staining their pristine white towels. If disposable makeup wipes are provided, remember that these are to be thrown away in the wastebasket and never flushed down the toilets.
Also, suntan oil isn’t particularly welcome on yachts as it stains the teak decking and furniture fabrics, often irreversibly. If you’re unsure about what products are safe to use on board, ask your charter manager for advice or just use the sun products provided on board.
We hope this will help you prepare for your charter holiday and if you have any questions whatsoever, please give Jack Tar Superyacht Charter a call to discuss them.





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