Moneycorp who are we

We’ve been in business since 1979 helping people transfer money overseas and our clients are at the heart of what we do. In 2011 we traded over £11.1 billion in currencies on their behalf.

We provide tailored services to help people save money on their  overseas currency transfers and help you trade at the right time when rates are in your favour.  Its not just large scale investments, you can benefit from our services if you need to make smaller payments like pensions or paying on going expenses and our services are easy to use.

Why use Moneycorp

With exchange rates constantly fluctuating buying or selling your currency at the right time is very important as movements of up to 5% can happen very quickly which can result in you obtaining less currency for your money so timing is critical.

With bank beating exchange rates and market monitoring Moneycorp will save you on your currency transactions.  You will benefit from a range of products including  Spot Contracts, Forward Contracts, Limit Orders and Stop Loss Orders.

What Next

A phone call to our Spanish Office 0034 952 587 657 or click on the link will get you a step nearer to saving money. You can also email us using To obtain the preferred rate please mention

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