Jack Tars Events Page Helps You Plan Your Superyacht Charter

eventsA major decision when planing any vacation is: “Which destination to visit?” But equally important is “How to get the best from that destination?” This is also true when planning a superyacht holiday charter.

To help you plan your superyacht charter Jack Tar have compiled a list of popular (and some not so popular) events from around the world.

The list of events is not just limited to maritime, superyachts, boat shows or nautical happenings but anything that we hear of or is sent to us. There are festivals, races, tournaments, displays………… you name it if we know of it we will publish the details.

To view the Jack Tar Superyacht Charter events page click this link

If you have an event or know of one that you have details for please contact nick@jacktarsuperyachtcharter.com and we will add the event for free.

You can search for events by date or destination and then use the charter yacht search tool to match a superyacht, a destination and an event.SY-Coll

  • Charter a yacht and take part in a regatta or race.
  • Make a luxury yacht your home for the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Invite friends aboard your superyacht for a track side seat at the Monaco F1.
  • A yacht can get you close to the action of a yacht or boat show.
  • Have to attend a trade fair, corporate event…? Use a charter yacht as a business base.


Once you’ve chosen the event and destination go to the Jack Tar Destination page to see which yachts are for charter there.

Of course you can always choose the luxury yacht first, and then see whats happening in her destination!


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