Jack Tars Charter Destination Tip – Vanuatu, South Pacific

Port Vila Harbor, Vanuatu Tourism Office. Photographer David Kirkland.

Port Vila Harbor, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is a collection of 83 islands that lie in the middle of the circle of Fiji, New Caledonia and the Salomon Islands. Most of the islands are mountainous and of volcanic origin with lush green forest that spill down to white sandy beaches.

The island are an escape from the fast modern world with balmy breezes and gourmet food. Port Vila, the national capital on the island of Efate, is lively and at the centre of Vanuatu’s tourist trade, very colonial, chic, cool and safe, there’s no bargaining, no hawkers and no pressure to buy.

Vanuatu is full of things to do; the world’s most accessible active volcano is on the island of Tanna; It’s a snorkelers’ and divers’ paradise with wreck diving in crystal clear water;  Picture postcard pristine beaches where there’s nobody but you; Abseil down a waterfall or just anchor your superyacht off a deserted island.

The islands rich heritage is never far away and simple island life in primitive villages with extraordinary cultural ceremonies and dances still exist. The island all offer something different and a superyacht charter is a great way to get around and explore what each has to offer.

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Vanuatu is about 2.5 hours flying time from Brisbane and 3.5 hours from Sydney and a little over 2 hours from Auckland, New Zealand. There are regular flights from New Zealand, Honiara, Australia, Noumea and Fiji.santo_location_009.1

The islands are blessed with virtually an all year round summer. Theres a cooler, drier Season May-Oct, with average daytime temperatures of 26C. and a wetter, hotter season Nov–Apr average daytime temp 29C. Light weight casual clothing plus a sweater is usually sufficient all year round. Even at the hottest time of the year sea breezes over the yacht are refreshing.
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