Jack Tar Superyacht Charter Destination Tip – Malta

MaltaIf you where to take a pencil and aim to stab it dead center of the Mediterranean you would probably hit Malta. For this reason it has been strategically important both commercially and militarily for centuries and its history and architecture are proof of that.

Malta has taken the best from all of the travelers that have passed through and today the influence of the English, Italians and north African are still visible. The Maltese archipelago is made up of three main islands, Malta, Gozo and the smallest Comino.

Valletta is the capital of the islands and is still a huge port though commercial vessels and passenger liners are more predominant than naval vessels. The harbour has several large marinas and many of the Mediterraneans superyachts are based and registered here. The shopping is good the restaurants offer something for everyone but the nightlife may be a little tamer than some of the islands neighbours

beach_ghantuffeiaWherever you are, you are never far away from the sea or a beach, for charter yachts the are plenty of secluded coves to anchor when you want to escape the bustle of the marinas and towns and Jack Tar Superyacht Charter have yachts based in the East and West Med

The weather is some of the hottest and sunniest in Europe, the water is very clear and very warm (peaking at 26°C in summer) so a great spot for diving. The winter months are cooler with night temperatures occasionally getting chilly.


Malta unofficially divides the Western Mediterranean from the Eastern Mediterranean and yachts based in both parts often included Malta in there cruise plans. Use the links above to read more on the regions and see which Jack Tar superyachts are available for charter.

To list, never mind describe, the history, culture and archtecture of these small islands could be a lifetimes work so we have cheated …..visit the Maltese Tourist site for more information.



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