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Lombok Island

The Indonesian island of Bali and its neighbour Lombok are attracting more superyachts to visit and is this week destination focus from Jack Tar.

Bali TempleBoth islands are very similar though Bali is the more livelier of the two if its night life and entertainment that you are seeking. But the beauty of a superyacht is that when you tire of one island you just move on to the next. The only problem you will have is trying to see everything and juggling your time to make sure you experience the best of both!

The islands are amongst the most popular tourist destinations Rice-Paddy-Terraces-in-Bali-Indonesiain the world with travelers arriving to enjoy the islands for many different reason. Most of the the coastline is fringed with beaches that are clean and safe but the island is much more than just a beach holiday. Venture inland and discover the amazing flora and fauna. Exotic plants to many of us such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine, water lilies, magnolia, frangipani and orchids are found in many front yards and gardens. Take time to wander through the forests, climb a volcano (some are still active), paddle through mangrove swamps, stand under a waterfall and learn about the rice terraces.

The rich culture of the islands is very important to its people and they are only to pleased to help you understand what it means to them. It seems that there is a temple on every corner and many are open to the public with guides that will not only point out the beautiful architecture but also explain the religion and history.

Another big attraction to Bali and Lombok is its waters and the superb diving that they provide. Ghostly wrecks, exotic fish and colourful coral make this one of the worlds most popular dive destinations. Scientists have found the prehistoric Coelacanth fish, a “living fossil” fish, predating the dinosaurs by some 400 million years but we cannot guarantee that you will see one of these!

Alila-Purnama-Jack-Tar-Superyacht-Charter-17Left is the luxury charter yacht Alila Purnama, she is a modern three deck yacht which has been built by hand in the traditional style of a Phinisi local vessel. She is purposely designed to help you relax while you explore the Indonesian seas and islands and has a PADI dive centre on board.

But you can appreciate the sea life from the deck of your luxury yacht as well. Whales migrate yearly through these waters and dolphins will surf on your bow wave.

Daytime temperatures are pleasant, varying between 20-33⁰ C Alila-Purnama-Jack-Tar-Superyacht-Charter-15(68-93⁰ F) year-round. From December to March, the west monsoon can bring heavy showers and high humidity, but days are still often sunny with the rains starting in the late afternoon or evening and passing quickly. From June to September, the humidity is low and it can be quite cool in the evenings. At this time of the year there is hardly any rain in the lowland coastal areas.

For practical information on the islands and Indonesia Take a look at  the Jack Tar Fact File for the region. For information about Jack Tar Superyacht Charter visit our Indonesia Destination page and scroll down to see which yachts are for charter.


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