Jack Tar Super Yacht Charter Destination Tip – The Bahamas

Destination Bahamas

This weeks Destination Tip from Jack Tar Superyacht Charter is the wonderful  Islands of the Bahamas.

With the most westerly isles lying just 45 miles off the Florida coast the Bahama’s are a Superyacht cruising paradise of more than 700 islands and countless cays protected by one of the world’s greatest barrier reefs

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas has something for everyone from the bustling capital Nassau on Providence islands to remote islands where time seems to have stood still.

Schooner Cays

Schooner Cays

Visit the Jack Tar destination page for the Bahamas to read more on the region and see which superyachts are available to be chartered now, we have a selection of sail and motor yachts, but if the type, size or yachts facilities are not listed please contact us as we have many contacts within the luxury yacht industry and can normally find a yacht to suit you.

The hurricane season is nearly over and soon yachts based in the Mediterranean for the summer will relocate to the Caribbean for the winter. Then the Rooms_AtlantisMarinaBahamian Islands enjoy a sunny tropical climate, with high temperatures moderated by refreshing trade winds. Temperatures vary little throughout the year with a typical daily max of around 32 °C.

 ” This is a magical cruising ground where you will be captivated by tales of pirates and the Spanish Main, buried treasure and the rum runners of old.”

General ExumaThe Caribbean charter season is now well under-way with the hurricane season over for another year. Read the Jack Tar Superyacht Charter useful Fact File on the Bahamas with useful information on climate, finance, legal requirements and local knowledge.

If diving is your thing  the shallow waters are home to more than 30 diving sites, unspoiled reefs, shallow fishing waters, dive wrecks and the spectacular Blue Holes. Some superyachts carry their own dive gear contact Jack Tar for information on yachts that can provide a charter yacht with diving equipment.


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