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Palma Boat ShowMany of the yachts that spend the European winter season in the Caribbean will soon be returning to offer charters from Gibraltar to Greece, and St Tropez to Tunis, and this year more and more yachts are available for charter in the beautiful islands of the Balearics

After the new regulations for licensing yachts for charter, the Balearic Islands are now the hot spot to be.  All 5 islands are completely different in landscape, size, facilities and solitude or not! There are three major islands, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza plus the smaller islands of Formentera and Cabrera. Read more on the Balearic islands and view our Fact file page with useful information.

Jack Tar have 14 yachts based in the islands either permanently or seasonally, visit the Balearics destination page and scroll down to see which yachts are available for charter.Low-Profile-Jack-Tar-Superyacht-Charter-01

The luxury motor yacht Low Profile, a 24 metre Predator, is one yacht that is perfect to discover the islands. Fast to get you round the islands, beautifully equipped and with a shallow draft to allow you into the bays and coves. (Pictured right.)

Lying just under 140 miles from Valencia on the Spanish mainland Mallorca, (Majorca) is the biggest of the islands with the capital, Palma. Although some parts of the island are very busy tourist resorts with hotels and package-holiday tourists, much of Majorca retains its original, unspoiled charm. Inland you  acn escape the crowds and discover an island of fruit trees, vineyards, and olive groves. Palma is an ancient fascinating city but with modern, excellent superyacht facilities.

The unspoilt waters of Ibiza

The unspoilt waters of Ibiza

Ibiza is the island that every one has heard about with its 24/7 parties and music/dance clubs and is regarded as the under 30’s European party centre for the summer. But away from the the clubs the island has many quiet villages and beaches and the dusk to dawn party could be a thousand miles away.

30 miles to the north-east of Majorca is the island of Menorca (Minorca). During the Spanish civil war, Menorca opposed Franco, so when he was ultimately victorious he denied Menorca the development funds that he gave to Majorca. This held back tourist development which nowadays gives Minorca a more laid back appeal. Here is a beautiful island, with some delightful towns, but virtually no mass-tourism. Mahon is a wonderful town from which to explore the island.

Another superyacht available in the Balearic and new to charter with Jack Tar is the 33.5 metre Four Friends. An ideal yacht for both families and friends alike and is based in Palma, but lies in Ibiza in the Summer. (Pictured right)

Check out which yachts are available for charter in the Balearics with Jack Tar Superyacht Charter


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