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Corporate Yacht Charter

Cannes Event on MY Vantage-2We have a selection luxury yachts based across the world that are perfect for hosting corporate charters. You may prefer a smaller motor or sail yacht for team-building charters, or you may wish to create a truly unique impact with a cocktail party for a large number of guests aboard one of the world’s ultimate superyachts.
With such volume and facilities at their disposal, along with maximum levels of security, the megayacht is primed for opulent parties. And what better platform from which to entertain clients than on such a yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival?
If you want a yacht for the day or the weekend to perhaps help you close that important deal. We can find a yacht for your company. Do you need something special for the company party. We have yachts to suit all company functions and the expense account.
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Tailored Yacht Charter

If you are planning to cruise an area you have never visited before and want to make sure you see the best it has to offer we can suggest a cruise that takes in the sights allowing for the capabilities of the yacht.
Superyachts are, by their nature, BIG and sometimes certain ports cannot be entered because of size restrictions we can ensure that access to your chosen ports is possible or offer an alternative port or yacht to make sure you are not disappointed in visiting your chosen destination.
Do you have a list of must see places? Want to take in as many festivals as possible?  Or follow in the steps of Pirates Voyage your favourite pirate?
We can help you plan your cruise to make sure you see and do what you gives you a buzz. All cruises are planned with the help of the yachts captain to take into account the capabilities of the vessel and ports.
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Themed Yacht Charters

Imagine exploring the ancient sites of Parthenon and looking forward to visiting the Acropolis tomorrow, what better way to get between the “must be seen” on your list than by your own private yacht?
Wine cellar Anguilla, Caribbean Superyachts are great vehicles for organised tours; at the end of a full and enjoyable day climb on board, let the crew pamper you, wine and dine, and then sleep between ports of call. Transport can be organised from the yacht to you chosen destination.
Want to play golf on a different course every day? Visit a different vineyard at each port. Fancy a Historical cruise?
We can help you plan your cruise to help indulge in your favourite pastime. All Itineraries are planned with the help of the yachts captain to take into account the capabilities of the vessel and ports.
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Yacht Charter Weddings

What can be more romantic than marrying on an exotic beach and then sailing off to your new life on your own superyacht. Or for a more cosy ceremony why not marry on board?
Superyachts are perfect for a romantic setting and ensure privacy and security for you and your guests.
If you want a yacht for the wedding day or the honeymoon we can find a yacht to make your special day extra special. We can ensure that your wedding planner has all the information regarding the yacht, her capabilities and schedule for delivery of wedding gifts and guests.

Wedding on Fryers BeachAll itineraries are planned with the help of the yachts captain and with the advice of local authorities regarding  regulations and permissions. Certain luxury yachts can accommodate extra crew and catering staff for the big day and/or the voyage.

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