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Your charter booking process at Jack Tar is highly personalised and handled by an expert yacht broker who will provide qualified advice and act as the main line of communication throughout the entire process. We recommend that you book your charter at least six months in advance to ensure that you secure your preferred yacht, though some of the most sought after yachts are often fully booked for at least one year in advance. If this is too far ahead to plan, don’t worry “Last Minute” deals can mean a significant saving though usually restrict your choices.

Luxury Charter Inspiration

Browse Jack Tars guide to luxury charter destinations around the world, featuring detailed itineraries for some truly amazing ports and anchorages to add to your journey.

Two Ways To Find Your Perfect Charter Cruise

Choose your yacht  from our charter fleet then select a time when she will be cruising in the area you prefer OR  choose your destination and then search for yachts available.  Of course there is a third way, just call us and we will advise and suggest a super yacht charter to suit you and your needs.

However you decide, get in touch and we will help you  secure your charter.

Yachts are continually being reserved so we will check your preferred yacht, destination and dates and confirm the availability.

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The Booking Process

We will then explain the costs involved and the payment terms (in writing*) so you understand the whole process and then, and only then, will you be asked to sign a charter contract and pay the initial fee. At this time your dream holiday on your own private superyacht is reserved.

The charter contract will specify your yacht, cruise dates, intended destinations and  the costs/payment terms. Usually the initial fee is 50% , the remainder of the fee is due 30 days before commencement of the charter, (if time allows), on a date specified in the contract.

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The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is payable at the same time as the final balance. The APA creates a bank account to allow the Captain to buy fuel, provisions and cover any excess expenses relating to the cost of your charter such as fuel for tenders, guest provisions, harbour charges, laundry, communications etc. At the end of the charter, the captain will provide you with a full account of this which is settled by a refund or an additional payment.

We will liaise with  about your preferences in food, meals, wines, and activities as well as your arrival details. This is used to aid the yacht’s captain and crew make arrangements and provision the yacht with all your preferred items. The captain will prepare a voyage itinerary for your cruise based on your thoughts and ideas

Payments can be made by bank transfer and can usually be made in your preferred currency.

Read our FAQ’s for more information on types of contracts, charters, insurance etc.

*Although we build into our calculations a margin of error for indeterminate costs (on the safe side) we cannot be absolutely sure of some costs such as fuel prices, harbour dues, etc. especially if the booking is many months ahead. We will give you a best guide and update you of any significant extras we cannot control and become aware of.

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