Chartering a Yacht for the First Time

If this is your first superyacht charter holiday, then don’t worry, we are here to smooth the way for you so that you arrive on board relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself on your own private floating palace. We can offer advice on the type of yacht, which yacht, the destination…… but ultimately the decision is yours, so to assist you we have provided a short guide to help you plan.


Choose a a cruise with short hops between ports or anchorages and stay away from long stretches at sea. This will allow you to not only sample more  attractions and life ashore but will also mean that you can discover if your sea legs are up to the task before heading out on a 4 day crossing!

superyacht 3Accessibility for guests onto and around the yacht is important to make for a comfortable vacation. If boarding and disembarking could be a problem choose a “marina orientated” cruise as opposed to tricky trips by tender to a yacht at anchor. If stairs could be an obstacle look for a yacht with a lift or guest accommodation and public spaces along one deck. Read more on Specialist Yachts for specialist needs.

Consider the rest of your party that will accompany you. Take into account age and agility of both the young and the elderly. Do you need accommodation for employees, such as nannies, PA’s etc. Does it need to be action packed or laid back?

7131103685_e57a73b248_cSpecialist diets are usually no problem, but advanced information of guest needs for food or drink will help the chef and ensure you are not disappointed. This is especially important if the yacht will be operating away from major centres for provisioning and supplies.

If privacy is essential and you want to be away from the crowd, choose a yacht that can operate away from marinas and ports for long periods and still provide comfort and entertainment at anchor or can dock in harbours not specifically equipped to service craft of this type, such as small fishing villages/ports.

luggageSpace on board is often limited especially if the yacht is a smaller motor boat or a sailing yacht. Use collapsible or folding luggage that can be easily stowed.

But don’t worry with our knowledge of the vessels we have for charter we can advise you of  how much you can stow away.



Which ports and countries will you be visiting is important with regard to passports, visas and regulations for entry, length of stay and clearance. Luxury yachts cross international boarders even when at sea and the paper work has to be right.

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