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The two islands of New Zealand provide a cruising destination that has something to offer everyone. Deep fjords surrounded by lush green forests, sparkling lagoons between isolated islands, coasts where beaches stretch for miles over the horizon, the scenery is breathtaking and constantly surprising.

The South island is the less populated of the two and there is an air of “old world charm” to the towns that just makes life seem a little slower. Towering snow capped mountains are a backdrop to rolling country side where some of the worlds best wines are produced.

The North island has the two largest cities, Wellington, the countries capital and Auckland “the city of sails” where you will find a wide range of shops, superb restaurants and a bustling harbour front. If the city gets too much, never far away is more to explore, geo-thermal pools, ancient Maori heritage, the Bay of Plenty…….and at the end of the day your own superyacht from which to watch the sun set while enjoying that cold white wine you discovered.

New Zealand claims to be the “adrenalin junkies” capital of the world, the natural landscape of rainforests, glaciers, rivers, lakes, towering mountains and spectacular coastlines are the perfect setting for the white knuckle activities such as skiing, paragliding, kayaking, white-water rafting, climbing, skydiving, bungee-jumping and the list just goes on and on….

The islands of New Zealand may seem like they lie at the far flung end of the world! They are not, and they are just waiting for you to explore them on a superyacht charter.

Check below to see which superyachts for charter are based here at this time of year and what they can offer. Contact Jack Tar to see where yachts may be based at other times of the year.

Yacht Charter in this Destination

Pacific Eagle
Price 25,500 € / (31,365 USD)
Length31.1 metres
DestinationNew Zealand
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