South East Asia : Cambodia and Vietnam

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Cambodia, Phnom Penh; Vietnam Hanoi

Khmer & Vietnamese

Riel & Dong

UTC +7 (No Summer Time)

Cambodia and Vietnam are two countries that epitomize the exotic far east but brazenly display their French colonial past for all to see.

Cambodia is described as a land of temples but perhaps the most treasured memory of this country you will take away is its people. Whatever is thrown at them, thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism, they have prevailed with their smiles intact. No visitor comes away without a measure of admiration and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom.

Vietnam is a country going places and fast. An energetic people, who are quick to smile and help, are turning this once war torn land into a must visit destination and revitalising the nation at a rapid pace.

The ancient and recent history is everywhere to be seen and shouldn’t be ignored but both countries offer so much more. Amazing scenery and wildlife and an absolutely stunning coastline. Many of the more “out of the way” towns and villages can not yet provide a level of luxury many visitors seek but a superyacht provides you with the perfect base to explore these fascinating countries knowing your 5 star home from home is waiting just offshore.

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