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The Caribbean and the Western Mediterranean are the traditional and most popular cruising areas for superyachts to operate and many divide their year between the two destinations. More recently the Eastern Mediterranean is attracting some of the yachts from the west to offer a new destination and with countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania etc. now accessible to visitors they provide new lands to sail through and disembark on.

Asia and the South Pacific are also becoming more popular than ever especially for our Antipodean clients. But the very nature of a yacht is that it can go anywhere, (well almost), and so can seek out the more remote shores, provide a home at a major tournament/event (such as the London Olympics) or as dedicated exploration yachts do, head for the most isolated parts of the world.

If you cannot find a destination for your cruise from our dedicated cruising sections talk to us and we will help you find a yacht to suit your needs, where you want to vacation.

Whether it be the Middle East, Northern Europe or the extremes of North and South America we will be glad to help and offer advice.

We also have a “few” yachts which are not shown as the owners prefer to charter their yachts a little more privately. So if you cannot find a yacht that is listed please contact us, we may still have just what you want.



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Price 875,000 € / (1,076,250 USD)
Length78.5 metres
DestinationRest of World
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