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The Middle East, in particular the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, are rapidly emerging as an important influence in the world of superyachts, with an increasing number of luxury marinas, yacht building and repair facilities and international yacht shows and regattas. Of course the region is also famous as a yacht charter destination with many diverse attractions both on and off the water. This fascinating region will spoil you with the biblical, cultural and natural wonders that will both entertain and educate.

The Red Sea has for a long time been one of the worlds best diving destinations and has established hundreds of square miles of marine parks which are home to over 2,000 species of sea life. Ashore, the coasts are well renown tourist locations with great facilities for entertainment, dining and access to the many fabulous ancient historical sites. From the two northern arms of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez south to where the sea flows into the Indian Ocean, there is a favourable year round climate with the hottest times tempered by a sea breeze. The locals will tell you that the sea is named after the deep red colour of the hills lit up by the sun as it rises and sets which is reflected in the water off the coasts, you can judge for yourself if its that’s true?

The Persian Gulf (also referred to as the Arabian Gulf) is on the fast track to the future, with the highest, the biggest, the fastest, the smartest…… At the moment the Superyacht industry is centered around the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain although other states are emerging as the attraction of water sports grows. The UAE are a collection of seven states on the Arabian Peninsular, run by their respective royal families, that form one country and attracts tourist, shoppers and explorers from all over the world. The region is famed for its high rise cities, expansive shopping malls, ultra modern marinas and motor race tracks but just beyond this is still the old desert world with many ancient wonders and a culture and life style that is closer to a Biblical past than a commercial future.

The coastline is fascinating with long sandy beaches, stretches of uninhabited desert to man made islands, like the World and the Palm, that can be seen from space, though best appreciated from a superyacht.

Egypt & The Nile have long been “must visit” destinations for travellers and most of the countries famous historical sites can be reached by the Nile water highway which flows from the southern border of Egypt and empties into the Mediterranean.

The list of historical sites to visit is seemingly endless but a yacht is a private home, transport and gives you the choice of where to stop and what to see.

(The Middle East is a vast area and Jack Tar apologise for mentioning only today’s most prominent Superyacht Destinations)





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DestinationMiddle East, Red Sea And Persian Gulf
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