Eastern Mediterranean : Greek Ionian Sea

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UTC +2 (Summer Time +3)

The Turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea are where you will find beautiful islands scattered around like so many pebbles by one of the Greek Gods. Few are inhabited and provide perfect private anchorages to lose yourself from the rest of the world in the luxury of your own superyacht.

With long hot summers you can soak up the sun along with the ancient history and archeological ruins of this fascinating part of the country. Then when your mind is satisfied play in the crystal blue waters, perfect for diving, sailing, snorkling, …. in fact any water sport, or just lie on one of the many thousands of white sandy beaches while your luxury yacht waits off shore to whisk you off to the next adventure.

A great destination for kids, they won’t be aware of the education they are getting while they have so much fun!

Check below to see which superyachts for charter are based here at this time of year and what they can offer. Contact Jack Tar to see where yachts may be based at other times of the year.

Yacht Charter in this Destination

Price 35,000 € / (43,050 USD)
Length40 metres
DestinationGreek Ionian Sea
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