Caribbean & Bahamas : Windward Islands

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The Windward islands are lush and richly tropical volcanic isles with dramatic mountains and palm fringed white beaches that just beg your yacht to come and visit them.

This necklace of islands is strung out from the northern island of Martinique down to Trinidad, just off the coast of South America, not forgetting Barbados which lies just east of the island chain. Each of the islands are influenced by the the ties to the nations that fought for the land long ago and combined with the laid back Caribbean nature provide the perfect cruising ground for superyachts to explore.

Rum punches, steel bands and beach cricket under blue skies surrounded by turquoise seas are many visitors lasting memories of these exotic islands, though deserted beaches far from the maddening crowd are never far away. Once you you are relaxed another island is just a short hop for your superyacht.

Check below to see which superyachts are for charter and are based here at this time of year and what they can offer. Contact Jack Tar to see where yachts may be based at other times of the year.


Yacht Charter in this Destination

Pegasus V
Price 470,000 € / (578,100 USD)
Length78.6 metres
DestinationWindward Islands
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