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Superyacht TypesNot everybody is an old sea salt, and you don’t have to be to charter a superyacht, but armed with a little knowledge we will help you find the perfect yacht for you and avoid some that should be avoided.

Jack Tar Superyacht Charter have divided our yachts into three categories; Gulets, Motor Yachts and Sailing yachts to help make your search easier. These categories can also be subdivided into Exploration Yachts, Motor Sail Yachts and Multi-hulled Yachts.

There is no official definition of a superyacht though for the purpose of qualification to enter certain annual Superyacht Awards the minimum length for a yacht must be 24 metres. At Jack Tar Superyacht Charter we do not adhere strictly to this inflexible definition.

Definitely to be Avoided

Definitely to be Avoided

If a yacht is luxurious, comfortable, well equipped and has a competent able crew, then that is more important than a few centimeters!!

The “World Superyacht Award” organisation now require yachts to be at least 30 metres in length.

As yachts get bigger this figure of 24 metres is rising! At the other end of the scale we have Megayachts and even Gigayacht, qualification for these categories is sufficient to say VERY BIG and SERIOUSLY BIG!

_I9N2273Jack Tar Superyacht Charter have written a guide to the different types of yachts and what they can provide for you. Click here to read.

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