65 Metre Motor Sailer From Andrew Trujillo Design

Serendipity-Yacht-Concept-2Ask most sailors what is their preferred craft and and the argument of Power versus Sail is a passionate one. But a select few take the view that each can give you the best of both worlds.

Once popular the motor sailer was dubbed by the “purists” as a motor home with sails!! Andrew Trujillo has other ideas and has produced a design concept that brings this yacht category right up to date and re-defines the term Motor Sail.

serendipityThe 65 metre Superyacht Serendipity aims to be more graceful than some vessels of this type were the owner can see the advantages of a motor yacht and of a sailing yacht. Jack Tar Superyacht Charter also think that this will make a great charter yacht.

Trujillo has attempted to lessen the heeling found on performance sail yachts. by using technology found in performance sail boats with a lifting and canting keel. The canting mechanism would lock in the central position for the keel to be raised. The canting mechanism would be an active system counteracting heeling motion to an extent where she would heel no more, in theory,than a similarly sized motor yacht.

05-Sailboat Profile 6+GA-reverse bow-presentationThe shape of the hull means that the internal volume of the yacht is greater than would be on a sail yacht so cabins are closer to the size found on motor yachts.

The yacht should appeal to the “Green” sailor who has the power when needed but can harness the wind for free. The yacht also has solar panels integrated into the  superstructure. Andrew Trujillo gives no clues as to the expected speed she may reach under sail or on engines but Jack Tar would suggest a twin screw configuration would help make the yacht more maneuverable and give an insurance to engine failiure.

Jack Tar know that she may not win the round the island race but for a cruising yacht she will be both versatile and turn a few heads.

Source Andrew Trujillo


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